Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 29: Proposal Submitted

Aside from submitting a soft copy of our proposal to Mr. C. and Ms. S., Nee and I felt it's imperative to personally give them a hard copy, so that they at least have an idea of who we are. Constant exposure to something breeds familiarity, hence we plan to drop by and see them regularly to check up on our proposal's progress in the hopes of speeding up the process. This is where it gets tricky since the last thing we went is for them to get irritated at us - have to practice being very amiable and charming!

Ms. S. tells us that our idea might be difficult to execute due to safety, sanitary, and other issues. Not to be deterred by this, Nee and I thought up possible solutions to potential problems, which we included to our now revised business proposal and which we emailed to Ms. S. So far, no word from her yet...

Things are going to be a bit difficult from this phase of our planning onwards. May luck be on our side.

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