Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 29: Proposal Submitted

Aside from submitting a soft copy of our proposal to Mr. C. and Ms. S., Nee and I felt it's imperative to personally give them a hard copy, so that they at least have an idea of who we are. Constant exposure to something breeds familiarity, hence we plan to drop by and see them regularly to check up on our proposal's progress in the hopes of speeding up the process. This is where it gets tricky since the last thing we went is for them to get irritated at us - have to practice being very amiable and charming!

Ms. S. tells us that our idea might be difficult to execute due to safety, sanitary, and other issues. Not to be deterred by this, Nee and I thought up possible solutions to potential problems, which we included to our now revised business proposal and which we emailed to Ms. S. So far, no word from her yet...

Things are going to be a bit difficult from this phase of our planning onwards. May luck be on our side.

Day 27 + 28: Food Trial 5 + 6

Nee and I put on our chef's hat and were tasked to help out make burrito for two birthday boy's party. Party one was a surprise and we felt a bit of pressure to do a good job since it's our first time to cook for a large number of people. Party two was for someone who's currently working abroad but is back at home for a short vacation. Although we also felt strained, a real chef was present to delegate and preside over us, which made our lives easier.

We're feel that after these two experiences, we're getting the hang of cooking for a bigger bunch of people and our menu is slowly shaping up. Now we think it's time to concentrate more on acquiring the necessary licenses and permits.

On a side note, a chef's job is actually very tiring! To be standing the whole day cooking, chopping, dicing, mixing... it's no wonder after each of the party, I slept so well!

Day 26: Food Trial 4

Nee and I tried a new recipe for our menu. Being amateur cooks, we almost burnt the meat!!! We didn’t know that when simmering, you only need to use low heat. So instead we turned up the heat, blissfully unaware of the disaster we’re about to be in. 

Manang S., who has been in Nee’s housefold since she was a babe, left us with kind words of wisdom after hearing wails of despair and seeing our poor excuse of a dish  – CHARGE IT TO EXPERIENCE. Couldn’t have said it better.

Salamat Manang S.! You're a STAR!

Day 25: Food Trial 3

It all started out wrong - sugar instead of salt. Overheated a vital part of the food. Completely omitted one of the sauces. Worst, the people who (unknowingly) were our first guinea pigs had to wait for an hour longer than as planned for the food.

Then a miracle happen. It was the BEST ---- they're ever tasted! Totally took us by surprise. Today's definitely one for the books. What a perfect end to a very fun-filled, messy and rewarding day.

Hope you guys also had an awesome Monday!

Day 24: Business Proposal

Have to submit a Business Proposal to 3 different sets of people before we can head to the Barangay to apply for a clearance, so spent the afternoon composing one. It's tricky to write a good BP - it has to be succinct, persuasive and informative. I reckon the person in charge would only spare a few minute's time reading over it. If it fails to capture his interest, then goodbye to us. (Though Nee and I have a Plan B, i.e. pakapalan ng mukha)

No one ever said starting a business is easy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 23: Licenses and permits

Started poking around to ask information on business license and permits. See, dear readers, our food concept is a bit complicated and unique, and much as I want to spill the beans on what exactly our venture is all about, I can't. All I can say is there's nothing exactly like it in the Philippines. There's something a bit similar, but what we want to introduce is something on a grander scale and more polished.

So you can imagine that we'll have our work cut out for us. We'll have to submit a substantial, convincing and attractive Business Proposal. Hmm... if we're successful and decide to expand in the future, it might be possible that the government will be forced to pass a law that deals with our venture... That is only if our business takes off.

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad, buy all of the things that I've never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen... hey it's free to dream big, right?

Reach for the star!

Day 22: Food Trial 2

We made quite a mess at Nee's kitchen today. Had our food trial 2 and we're both very pleased with the result. We couldn't stop tasting the sauce, so much so that I had to make another batch because we quickly ran out even before the dishes are ready. Some of Nee's mom's friends sampled the food and they loved it. One of the moms even asked us to prepare the food for a party she's hosting next week. Oh yan, may side line na kami. 

Big shout out to Nee's mom. She's the one who did all the grocery and palengke shopping this morning! Thank you!